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Fri March 15, 2013

Win32/Theola is one of the most malicious components of the notorious bootkit family, Win32/Mebroot.FX (known since 2007).
The Theola family encompasses malicious browser plugins installed by Mebroot for banking fraud operations.



Mon Sep 3, 2012 - leak in Java 7 update 7

And the story goes on...

Ref : TechZine

Thu Aug 30, 2012 - Java 7 update 7

Faster then expected did Oracle published the new update.

Before you install this one, first be sure to delete the old verions of Java from your pc.

Monday Aug 27, 2012 - Java leaks...

Java 7 update 6 is out and allready there's a exploit for it.

Till Oracle comes with a patch, delete and disable Java. Don't forget to disable it in ALL your browsers.

Reference : Metasploit, (Nl)


17 Oktober 2011 - PC Info online!

As of today,PC Info® is available for download on E Dev.

This tool is developed with the needs of the topic starter and helper in mind.
Both can benefit of the easy to use collection of usefull and needed information.

Whats the price: null !
No toolbars, spyware,adware or any other -ware.
Fast : A fully checked log option takes less then a second.

Septembre 27, 2011 - False positive Avast.

Avast Antivirus marks kernel32.dll as a virus.
Users rapport that they have to use the recovery disc to get their Windows working again.

Its about the following files:

Avast False postive

Best advice: Don't let Avast remove any files for now.

Bron :

Update - Avast has resolve the problem with new definition updates..


Septembre 22, 2011 - - Adobe patches Flash Player and Reader.

A allready active abused leak in Flash Player discovered by Google, is been patches by Adobe today.

Adobe advice everone to immediately update to version