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PC Info
E Dev
Last Update
June 18


Prerequisites requirements

Installation instructions

  • Log in with fully admin rights.
  • Click on the Install button and download the zip file on your desktop.
  • Remove any previous versions of PC Info.
  • Unzip it and choose SetupPC Info if you meet the requirements above.
    Else you click on setup.exe.



Change logs

Fixed some minor bugs.

  • Improved performance
  • Dedect Windows 8.1
  • Updated svchost WhiteList

  • Update bug fixed.
  • Url's fixed.

  • Software no longer marked as default.
  • Improved performance.

Fixed some bugs in the output log (BHO and TB)

  • Improved log layout
  • Improved tab layout
  • Tuned up some procedures and methods.

  • Removed "Grinler test".
  • Adjusted Firewall output.

Added the "Grinler test"

Small bugs fixed

  • Log output layout improvement.
  • Runkeys and services registry keys optimization.

Fixed a label bug

  • Fixed the svchost output bug for Reg Scan in all Windows versions.
  • Log output en tool Lay-out improvements.

  • Added registry values to the Vista svchost White Listing.
  • Empty values in a registry output is not showing. Layout fixes.

Fixed minor layout bugs.

  • Fixed a bug in the output of processes.
  • Windows Defender detected on a Windows XP.
  • Third parties firewall detected on XP.
  • Readiy for next tool integration (Look).

  • RegScan layout improvement.
  • Processes and Services detection improvement

Fixed a bug in Windows XP output

  • Marking Expert Mode no longer automatic sets Reg Scan.
  • Minor bug fixes

  • Bug fixes Null Exception handling. This error was causing an "Object Reference..." error on some Win pc's
  • Log layout improvement

  • Minor bug fixes in the Log choice tab.
  • Sig Check, Reg Scan and Services still gave a log output when the Expert Mode was off and they where checked .
  • Layout improvement.
  • Added a E Dev Feedback link.

  • Update function added.
  • Motherboard specifications added.
  • Output Security tools.
  • Fixed minor bugs.