MRM - Manual

1. Why MRM?


When we have no internet connection on a infected PC and we need a updated MBAM to get rid of the malware.
In such a event, MRM (or Move Rules definition files of MBAM) can help

You need a USB Flash drive (stick) and a (second) PC connected to the internet..

2. What does MRM do?

Skip this and Watch the video on You Tube.

In short:

On a 'GOOD' PC, it check wether MBAM is present, updates it and if not, download the setup and installs MBAM.
In the mean time it moves the downloaded MBAM setup and two other updated files to a folder at your USB stick.

On the 'BAD' PC, its checks wether MBAM is present, if not it installs MBAM and replaces the two files in the correct folders.
Then it fires up MBAM for a full scan and closes itself.

The longer version:

MRM checks if MBAM is present on your 'good' PC.
If it is, MBAM get first updated. If not, MBAM gets installed and updated on your PC.

MRM also places the MBAM setup.exe file in the MBAM folder on your USB stick.
.Next it copy's the rules.def and database.conf files from the MBAM map (according to you OS) and moves it to your MBAM folder on your USB stick.

Fase 1 is then completed..

Fase 2 checks your infected PC has MBAM on it.

If not, MBAM gets installed first.
MRM.then places rules.def and database.conf files in the right folder.
Next a complete scan start and at the end you have to select and delete the founded items.

3. So... how do we start?

As is said, you need a second PC with internet connection and a USB Flash drive.
Put your USB stick in the usb port and download to your Desktop.

Download MRM from here PCIHTDL

Click on the Install button and download the zip file on your desktop.
Move the EDev folder to your USB stick .

At this point, you have a USB stick with a Folder called EDev. Inside this folder is a other folder called MRM
and .inside a file called MRM.exe and a dll.
(As you can see here, my USB is on M:\ but this can change for you)

The MRM folder is the program folder.

Screen 1 The MRM.exe

Double click on MRM.exe. The program starts....

Screen 3 MRM start screen....

If you hit the Start button, a couple of things happens.

  1. It checks the web connection.
  2. Downloads the MBAM installer to the MBAM folder.
  3. It then checks to see if MBAM is already present on your PC.
  4. If MBAM was present it updates first.
  5. If MBAM isn't present, MRM fires up the MBAM installer.
  6. Copy and moves the rules.def file to the MBAM folder.
  7. Copy and moves the database.conf file to the MBAM folder.
  8. So far Fase 1.

Screen 3: Fase 1..Places the MBAM setup in the MBAM folder on the usb stick.

Watch the video on You Tube.

Now remove the usb stick and place it in the 'BAD' PC.
Double click on MRM.exe and MRM checks for the present of MBAM.
If MBAM isn't present, it shall be installed.
Next it moves the two MBAM files from your usb stick to the right folder accordingly your OS system.

Now it fires up MBAM to do a full scan and closes itself.